Who wants wallpaper? Everyone.

Some of you are saying, "You've got to be kidding me".  You're the ones with experience removing it or watching your parents trying to hang it.  Trending now is a mix of colors, texture and finishes in all rooms, not just kitchens.  The trick here is to get it right; not too much but enough texture and color that enhances your space with visual interest and depth.

I like raffia papers with a bit of sheen.  These tend to have tones of color, not a flat color like paint would have.  The honed Calacatta marble wall and grey stained ash shelf needed more texture than a paint would provide. The wallpaper is the transitional piece that wraps around and connects the other finishes and elements in the room. 

I hope I've inspired some of you to consider adding a bit more color and texture in your next project.