Kitchen design trends, thoughts and ideas

I attended a seminar last fall that brought together new ideas about kitchen design, from materials, layouts and integrated technology.  Much of the discussion came from  kitchen design shows in Italy and Germany.  One of the concepts I found interesting was leaving out corners, just leaving space.  This sounds odd and in reality this works if you have a large space  I do see clients that are including another room into the existing kitchen area so this concept does have possibilities.   In a future blog I'll have pictures of a project that has no inside corners and incorporates many of the themes of the European design shows.

Mixing textures and colors has already been popular and won't be fading anytime soon. Technology may seem like an extravagance in the kitchen but why if we have smart phones and sonic toothbrushes would integrating technology be a a stretch?.  Enabling different  ways cabinets open, the way a faucet works or lighting that comes on inside your cabinetry just makes life easier.  Bringing the living space into the kitchen with causal seating and flexible movable pieces make socializing with the entire family much simpler. 

If you have an interest in kitchen design trends for the future, I've included a video of the Eurocucina kitchen design show. It's really worth watching.  I hope you enjoy and I'd love to get your feedback so please comment and share.

Here's to the future!  Cheers.