Design and function working seamlessly with technology

I really like what this picture represents: great design and function..  The door style is the Prairie by Rutt Handcrafted cabinetry.  It is calm, gently curved both outwardly and inward with small tiny details.  The hardware was designed for this door, mortised in to be completely flush with the 1" thick door.

Thoughtful storage

The LED lighting is side mounted, flush with the sides of the cabinet box so it illuminates everything stored in the furniture styled walnut roll out drawer boxes. 

It's a simple storage solution we've all seen before but not really like this.  When the doors are opened the lighting just appears and disappears just as easily.  Furniture inside and out.

   Two pull out pantries behind a single door.  Notice the furniture detail in the pull itself.


Two pull out pantries behind a single door.  Notice the furniture detail in the pull itself.

These pantry pull outs again show thoughtful design and function.  Why does this matter?  Today we can build cabinetry and furniture to organize everything from phone re-chargers, dishes to dog food.  We are busy and we need to know where things are.  If we can design beauty on the outside, why not on the inside.  Most of us will live with design decisions for our living spaces longer than we own our next three cars.  Imagine if we didn't consider all the details both inside and out.

I hope I've given you something to consider as you consider things you may not have thought much about.  Look at your storage areas and pantry if you're lucky enough to have a dedicated room like this.  Is it living up to all it needs to? How can those areas be a better resource for you? 

To see the Prairie door or more Rutt displays visit our showroom; and here is a short video about the Rutt Prairie series 

Nancy Dalton