Tile, texture and tone sets the mood

Do you ever wonder how much the size of a tile or stone, or even the shape can help create the entire feel of a room?  I love this vignette that demonstrates the different feel in the same tones and how scale effects everything. Also notice the sheen level of each different tile and stone tile, are they casual or formal to your eye?

I like to use large tiles in small rooms for a larger cleaner feel.  With any size  tiles you can develop a pattern that tells a modern or traditional story.  Small tiles with sheen or transparency can make you feel like your at the ocean.

Next time you look at a room in your home, think about not only how you may want it to look but how you want it to feel.  Where will it take you, the ocean or a bistro?

Thank you to Statements Tile and Stone for this great display.

Nancy Dalton